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Ad-Hoc Air Cargo Services

Arcus-Air-Logistic knows that a failure in the supply chain can result in significant commercial losses, and damage to the company image. We work with you to create flexible solutions that give rise to provide a reliable and efficient service.

Our charter flights provide the best logistics solution for your business by offering the maximum quality in our operational due to our wide network of offices in Europe.

We work with leading operators worldwide offering Ad-hoc charter at competitive prices, giving our customers the best service that suits your needs. Arcus-Air-Logistic provides a fast service, managed by a dedicated team offering a 24/7 service.

Arcus-Air-Logistic customize and optimize your charter flights providing the best Ad-Hoc air cargo services and offering you the best solution for your business.

Our clients are kept up to date permanently regarding the transportation of their goods, with our track and trace service.

For further information about how we can support your transportation needs, please contact our team, they will give you the best solution

Please send an email to charter@arcus-air.com or call us + 49 2241 95 25 16



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