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When time is tight

Arcus Air Logistics knows that a failure in the supply chain can result in significant commercial losses, and damage to the company image. That is why, when a client requests our services, we offer the most reliable solution, whilst complying with the utmost discretion, efficiency, safety and delivery terms.

We specialise in urgent transport (Panic Shipment). Our extensive and large experience of over 40 years in the sector means many companies place their trust in our services. We operate mainly in the automotive, Oil & Gas, pharmaceutical and aeronautic industries, offering Ad-Hoc air cargo charter.

Whatever the type of goods you need to ship, we have the highly experienced expertise to deliver your cargo in time.

Since the beginning, Arcus Air Logistics have stood out from the crowd due to our constant commitment to reliability and trust, plus our high quality standards in our support when meeting the challenges of our customers, making trust and professionalism our most distinctive values.


What is a cargo charter flight?

A cargo charter flight is the name given to a way of transportation in which an airline offers one of its planes to carry out a special flight with cargo for a third party.

Unlike a scheduled flight, a cargo charter flights allows you to decide the schedule and the destination you want to fly to. A cargo charter flight also makes it possible to choose the type of aircraft, in accordance with your needs.

Visit our aircraft guide for further information.

What is a Door-to-Door Service?

The "door-to-door" service includes the collection of the goods from the origin for delivery anywhere in the world. The "door-to-door" service is fast and efficient, providing the customer with information about the status of their cargo at any time.

Contact our customer service team and place your request 365 days a year 24/7.

What is OBC?

On board Courier (OBC) is an efficient solution for transporting urgent small boxes with a courier on scheduled flights. The courier will take care of your goods from collection to the final destination, all by one person, with signed proof of delivery.

Our team is available 365 days a year 24/7 to keep you informed of the tracking and tracing of the delivery.

Will I be kept informed of the status of my goods?

Customers are constantly informed by means of track and trace until the final destination.

Can I transport dangerous goods?

Arcus-Air is an EASA certified airline for the transport of dangerous goods.