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From point to point

Regardless of the cargo you need to transport, Arcus Air Logistics offers the most suitable solution in terms of helicopter transport.

Arcus Air Logistics provides made-to-measure helicopter charter services. Our team provides 24/7 service and is ready to offer a solution in accordance with your specific needs. With Arcus-Air-Logistic you can charter a helicopter to transport small cargo quickly, safely and efficiently. This service avoids traffic jams, unexpected delays and the concern that your cargo will not arrive in time.

Take advantage of our Charter Helicopter services and you will discover a wide range of benefits:

  • Direct flight from facility to facility
  • Access to difficult areas
  • Dramatic speed in emergency situations 365 days a year 24/7
  • The cabins are adapted in accordance with the goods to be transported
  • Airlifts for the transport of urgent supplies

Our team will help you to choose the most suitable helicopter for your needs.

"The best solution for your business"

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