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What do you need to transport?


No matter what, we bring you back on track

No matter the kind of goods you need to transport, we have the ideal expertise to deliver your cargo on time. Our team will offer you the most appropriate solution for your needs.


"Just-in-time" production, runs the risk that production lines will grind to a halt when there is a supplier fault in the supply chain. When time, punctuality and reliability are of the utmost importance to your company, the ad-hoc air cargo service provided by Arcus-Air-Logistic is the most efficient solution to ensure your cargo arrives in time. With more than 40 years of experience, most automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on Arcus-Air-Logistic. Our team will assist you by offering the most efficient solutions to meet your needs. 365 days a year, 24/7.

Oil & Gas Industry

We understand the needs of the Oil & Gas industry. We have extensive experience in providing customised solutions to the industry leaders, even under the most difficult circumstances.

Whether the load is outsize, dangerous or extremely urgent, and regardless of the destination, Arcus-Air-Logistic will provide you with the most efficient solution.

Aircraft Parts (AOG)

Many airlines rely on Arcus-Air-Logistic when faced with an AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situation, where the aircraft is grounded as a result of a fault. A quick reaction to transport the spare part needed can be crucial in minimizing cost and maintaining the prestige and reputation of the airline.

We have extensive experience in this industry, please do not hesitate to contact our team in an AOG situation.

Heavy Outsize Cargo

We know that outsize cargo transport requires specific expertise, experience and professional planning. Our qualified team has a unique network of contacts which allows us to offer you the services of any kind of cargo aircraft. We are always on hand to provide professional support and specialised outsize cargo services. We are backed by more than 40 years of experience in the air cargo industry. We understand your needs, the aircraft requirements and operational features. We are able to guarantee efficiency and quality in all of our services. We work closely with our customers and our aim is to provide you with the solution that best suits your needs.

Dangerous Goods

Arcus-Air-Logistic have extensive experience in dangerous goods, offering expertise in the use of the latest safety techniques and using aircraft adapted to handle this type of goods. Our services provide maximum safety. Our airline is certified by EASA, which allows our company to carry dangerous goods. We are fully familiar with the specific characteristics of this type of goods, and our team is fully involved in the entire logistics process. Our team will keep you informed at any time about the status of your shipment, 365 a days a year 24/7.

High Value Goods

Arcus-Air-Logistic is experienced in the transport of valuable goods with full reliability and safety. We are specialized in high value goods, such as works of art, jewellery, documents, etc. Our service is provided under the supervision of our team to ensure safe and reliable delivery. We will work with you to find the most suitable solution to guarantee an excellent level of service.

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