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We exceed your expectations

Flying in a private jet means enjoying a good time with flexibility, freedom, comfort and the luxury of flying in the way you want. Thanks to our internal resources and our contacts established over many years, we exceed your expectations. Safety, punctuality, reliability and discretion are integral parts of our values.

We offer business class comfort and customised services to exceed your requirements. We want our business customers and passengers to dedicate their time to important meetings or to enjoying their holiday destination by avoiding long waits at major airports.

The technical features offered by our private jets allow us to operate even in small European airports. Thus, flight changes or delays and annoying airport connections, as well as wasted time at airports, lost or damaged luggage and other inconveniences become a thing of the past.

If you still haven’t had the chance to fly in a private jet, we would like to invite you to enjoy a new experience with us and discover a new, completely different and relaxed way of flying in the largest cabin in its class. Immerse yourself in the world of private aviation and discover the exclusivity offered by the Arcus Executive Aviation fleet.

Arcus Executive Aviation – FAQ

What is Arcus Executive Aviation (AEA)?

AEA specialise in the operation of executive private jets. We organize executive flights using our own fleet of Embraer Phenom 100. Alongside our own current fleet, we offer a wide range of executive jets and helicopters, providing an exclusive service for our customers.

Visit our Aircraft Guide.

Contact our team for a quick quote.

What is a charter flight?

A charter flight is the name given to a method of transportation in which an airline rents one of its planes in order to effect a special trip for passengers.

Unlike a scheduled flight, charter flights allow you to decide the schedule and the destination to where you want to fly. Similarly, a charter also makes it possible to choose the type of aircraft, in accordance with the needs associated with your load or the passengers. Consult our Aircraft Guide for further information.

What is an Empty leg?

Every time an aircraft is chartered to fly in one direction, there is a return journey waiting to be reserved. That is why lower prices are offered for these trips, with the aim of amortizing the cost of the journey.

Now you can experience the luxury, exclusivity and the pleasure of flying by private plane for just a fraction of the usual price by flying on an "Empty leg". See our Empty leg list to see whether any of our flights fits your needs.

Can I take my pet?

You can take your pet on Arcus Executive Aviation flights if you meet a series of requirements, such as carrying a veterinary card and a pet carried, among others.

Please see the services section and, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

What services does Arcus Executive Aviation offer?

For Arcus Executive Aviation "Exclusive means inclusive", which is why we offer a variety of services for you and your travel companions. Discover all the advantages of flying with Arcus Executive Aviation and consult our services section.

Arcus Executive Aviation