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We handle your executive flight

We can help you to get to a specific location within a tight schedule, in a relaxed way. At Arcus Executive Aviation we are committed to provide an outstanding service, placing emphasis on every detail, attention, cordiality and discretion. You don't have to think about long queues at airports, or worry about your luggage. Simply enjoy the experience of a made-to-measure executive flight.

Only by flying in an executive Jet will you be able to experience all the benefits:

  • Fly on your own private jet: By renting a private jet you will have the opportunity to enjoy comfort and exclusivity. Enjoy the luxury and freedom of travelling at your request, either for business or leisure.
  • Improve your performance: If you are travelling for business, and you rent an executive aircraft, we will help you to be more efficient in managing your time. Flying at 35,000 feet, you and your team will have plenty of space to work in the strictest privacy and absolute discretion in the cabin of our Phenom 100.
  • You set your own schedule: Your private plane will provide you with the opportunity to fly anywhere at any time. At Arcus Executive Aviation, we value the importance of your time, and that is why we are ready to organise the best possible journey for you.
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